HOMEDICS DUO IPL & AFT TECHNOLOGY Salon hair reduction system

Homedics DUO is an IPL&AFT Dual technology hair reduction system that can be used at home.

I have been trying this device for the last two months and can really see the difference!

The way it works:

DUO gives you the power to fight unwanted hair growth in the comfort of your home. Perfect for those who have a busy life style or wanting to try out a hair reduction system without going to a specialist.

It has the combination of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT FREEGLIDE) in one therefor you can provide yourself with flexible treatments to be tailored perfectly to different parts of the body and to different skin tones.

I tried out the single shot IPL treatment on areas such as underarms, bikini line, arms and legs. You have to test out each area with a ‘spot’ test to determine your skins reaction and helps you select the optimal energy level for each treatment area. My body was fine with the Single shot IPL level 5 and treatments need to be separated by a minimum of two weeks on this level.

I found my hair to fall out and grow back less. It is not an immediate treatment as hair grows in different stages and multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired result, i think this also depends on the colour of your hair and how coarse it is.

When you are using Duo a flash of light will pop, which you must avoid to look at, i just looked away before pressing the button! There will also be a ‘pop’ noise with each pulse and a sensation of warmth. I personally did not experience any discomfort or pain and i have been using the highest Level of 5.

My personal experience with the HOMEDICS DUO has been amazing; i would say i have lost around 60% of my unwanted hair and will continue using this for optimal results.

Make sure you always read the instructions carefully before using such device as there are certain things one must educate themselves on prior to using the Duo.

Homedics Duo is available from their website:

http://www.homedics.co.uk for £199.00

and also exclusive from Boots.